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Personalized wedding dance choreography for meaningful & memorable moments


We're Carlos & Marisa, owners of A Dance Two Remember. You guessed it, we are professional dancers, and so is the rest of our team! Our career has taken us to perform on television, broadway, Disney, Universal Studios, and more. We spend a lot of our time dancing together, teaching, and choreographing; so not only do we work with professional dancers, we're known for getting any kind of person to feel good and look good quickly with choreography. We got into the wedding dance business because of our own wedding. We saw there was a lack for what we do and wanted to offer something custom and unique for couples with wedding dance choreography!

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So many couples don't know where to start when it comes to their first dance - they want it to be beautiful and memorable, but they don't want the stress of learning a bunch of steps and trying to put it together themselves, on the spot! You've seen that, right? Couples whispering to each other during their first dance, trying to tell each other which way to go..and then they completely miss out on that special first dance moment.


That's where we come in! We teach you a fully customized wedding dance that goes perfectly to your song of choice, highlights you as a couple, and expresses your personalities and abilities. We're a team of experienced choreographers in many styles of dance, and dance to all music (so we can do anything from slow & romantic to fun & upbeat!). We're certain that we'll bring out the chemistry between you two with the best dance possible! So it's okay if you've never danced a day before in your life. It's easy, fun, and you walk away knowing exactly what you are going to be doing during your dance. The best part? We do this in 2 lessons!

Ta-da! Now you have - a dance two remember.

AND don't forget - we also offer Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Bridesmaid, Groomsmen dances

and proposal flash mobs!

  • 10 weeks of lessons

  • Learning a bunch of steps with no structure

  • Feeling stiff & unsure

  • Having to think on the spot during the first dance

  • Learn it all in 2 lessons (unless you want more!)

  • Full choreographed dance with structure

  • Feel good & confident

  • Getting to enjoy your first dance moment

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While we are based out of Jacksonville, FL, we are available throughout all of the U.S. with most availability in North & Central Florida. Reach out to us no matter where you are, and we'll be able to assist you. We have choreographers everywhere! For choreography rehearsals, we book studio space with convenient dance studio facilities near you. We also offer virtual rehearsals for all areas. 
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P.S. You know your event and your guests. If you think you'd like something a little extra, artsy, and entertaining during the reception, we suggest hiring our dancers to put on a performance. This can be an innovative and intimate addition. Some examples of how a performance could be personalized to your occasion are:
  • A performance to your favorite songs. Maybe even one that tells a story of you and your loved one's life together (this can even involve the two of you in the production).
  • A themed performance to match your personality or environment (Roaring 20's, Favorite Movies or Books, 90's Hip-Hop, etc.)
  • If necessary, we'll even stay for a little bit during the reception and motivate everyone to get to the dance floor!


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